Ohio's Position on Sports Gambling

Ohio residents waiting for this opportunity to wager on sporting events legally can now do so. There will be a full launch of Ohio's internet sports betting system in the first month of 2023, once lawmakers have ironed out the final details. It's no shock that online gambling on sports has taken off in Ohio, given the state's passionate fan base. Providing residents of Ohio with a promo code and bonus that can only be used at the sportsbook they choose will quickly become a hot commodity.


Sports leagues, racinos, and casinos will be given preference when obtaining licenses to operate mobile sports betting businesses. The state of Ohio's economy would benefit from a policy of granting each resident a single license, with a second option available to those who can prove they have a legitimate business. In addition, the law requires the modification of lottery terminals to allow for restricted sports betting in retail facilities like grocery stores, bars, and restaurants.


Everyone from regulators and lawmakers to bookies and gamblers is prepared for the big reveal. A large number of sportsbooks will soon be able to enter the market. This section contains all the data we have about sports betting in Ohio.


When might Ohioans first place bets on sporting events?


Beginning in 2023, Ohioans can gamble both online and in person. In June, the OCCC announced the exact time and day. House Bill 29 mandates that sports betting be made available by the Ohio Casino Control Commission no later than July 1, 2019.


Sports enthusiasts in Ohio can now use their smartphones to gamble on their favorite teams.



Up to twenty-five online sportsbooks may be available in Ohio upon opening. You may submit your application by July 15 to have your site up on January 1. Any applications filed after that date may not be processed in the same launch window. Numerous companies have submitted applications.


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